At the origins of the US Constitution

Follow the steps of Pascal Paoli, who inspired the American Constitution…

L’Ile-Rousse was founded in 1758 by Pasquale Paoli, a Corsican patriot leader, the President of the Executive Council of the General Diet of the People of Corsica.

He designed and wrote the Constitution of the State, which was a representative democracy. Still now, he is celebrated until the United States. As a matter of factn « The Americans Sons of Liberty » were inspired by Paoli. Ebenezer Mc Intosh, a leader of the Sons of Liberty, named his son Paschal Paoli McIntosh in honour of him. In 1768, the editor of the New York Journal described Paoli as « the greatest man on Earth ». Many places in the US are named after him.

Port of call : Bastia

Duration  : 4 hours

Location  : Bastia

Themed  : Nature, Outdoor activity, Local wine and food, Organic production.

Number of people : 10 – 20

Target audience : Families, single, couples, senoirs.