Galea Park: a unique place in Corsica

Galea Park: a unique place in Corsica

Composed of 9 hectares of gardens, exhibitions spaces, land art installations and digital museums, the Galea Park is a unique place on the island, telling the secrets of a Corsica open to the world.

You will be first taken far away by a unique collection of 300 cacti counting among the most beautiful in Europe, zen and mineral spaces, a 6-hectare cork grove with a “barefoot” path, plants from Corsica and the Mediterranean. Further on, tall trees from the other side of the world, palm trees of all kinds, squares of aromatic plants… Designed as hyphens between the different museum spaces, the landscaped gardens and wild spaces of Galea certainly have a beautiful accent polyglot!

Installed in wooden or stone pavilions, the museums of Galea are linked to each other by small paths surrounded by gardens. The scenography put in place favors digital media, image walls and immersion. The speech is aimed at both children and adults and presents around thirty themes related to the nature and culture of a Corsica proud of its heritage: fauna, flora, geology of the island, variety of landscapes, history , traditional architecture, language, songs, beliefs, rites and traditions, traditional gastronomy…

Port of call : Bastia

Duration  : 4 hours

Location  : Bastia

Themed  : Nature, Outdoor activity, Local wine and food, Organic production.

Number of people : 10 – 20

Target audience : Families, single, couples, senoirs.