The Port of L’Ile-Rousse

Situation : 42° 38′ 50 N – 8° 56′ 45 E


Information about the city


Occupied since ancient times (3 to 5 millennia BC), during a thousand years before Christ, L’Ile Rousse was a little prosperous town dependent from Tyr Phoenicia which called it, Agilla.

Ruined by the phocaen fleet of Calaris (Galeria), Agilla became a roman counter called Rubico Rocega until the 4th century AD.

Close from the sea, it suffered from the barbarians’ invasions and for a long time, has been occupied by fishermen and farmers living thanks to the sea and the land.

In 18th century, the inhabitants of Santa Reparata, the nearby village set up some shops to trade by the sea with the others Balagne coastal villages, but also with the villages of Nebbio and the west coast of Cap Corse.

Around 1758, the Father of the Nation, Pascal Paoli often came in Balagne and decided to build a port in the North to weaken the Genoese power in Calvi and Algajola.

« I planted the gallows for hanging Calvi…. ». With this desire and these words kept by the history books, L’Ile Rousse was born.


 Information about the port :



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