The Port of Calvi

Situation : 42° 34′ 00 N – 8° 45′ 60 E


Information about the city


A citadel on the water looking at the mountains reflecting their shadow on the sea.

The boats are moored at the feet of a coloured marina along a sandy beach lined with pine trees.

Calvi’s inhabitants are really proud of the purity of its water and the richness of its treasures. Like a beauty spot, Calvi nestles into the North West of Corsica.

Due to its privileged proximity to the continent (173 km of Nice coasts) and its strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean, Calvi is open to the world and people surrounding it.

Located less than 2 hours by plane from the major European capitals like Paris, London, Milan or Amsterdam, Calvi provides the same change of scene than other more distants destinations.

 Information about the port





Piloting is required



A welcome by a hostess from the Tourism office and some specific brochures are graciously provided to every ship.



ISPS fees per passenger : 0,9104€ 


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