La Revelatta peninsula by ebike

La Revelatta peninsula by ebike

Come and admire the breathtaking panoramas and feel the scent of the maquis or the freshness of the forests in this beautiful ride by ebike! It is at the gates of the beautiful city of Calvi that you can admire the Revellata peninsula, a rocky promontory lined with beaches and intimate and wild coves. Also, its spectacular cliffs represent a unique mineral element of Balagne.

La Revellata is a biodiversity hotspot due to its rocky habitats which provide shelter for flora and fauna. Indeed, maritime cliffs and rocky coasts are full of rare, endemic and protected plant species such as Armeria Soleirolii. Now take the time to look up at the sky. You will be able to admire the flight of the remarkable species that have found refuge in this site of great beauty. Ospreys, crested cormorants… and gulls will punctuate your walk in this preserved place.

Port of call : Bastia

Duration  : 4 hours

Location  : Bastia

Themed  : Nature, Outdoor activity, Local wine and food, Organic production.

Number of people : 10 – 20

Target audience : Families, single, couples, senoirs.